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However, there are few volleyball animes. Therefore, you might have a hard time looking for an anime like Haikyuu. But you don’t need to worry as we will talk about animes like Haikyuu. Further, you can enjoy watching our mention and enjoy the sport until there are any announcements about Haikyuu Season 5.

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Haikyuu is an Japanese Shonen anime about Volleyball. Shouyou Hinata is inspired to be a volleyball player after watching the game of "Little Giant" on television. Even though he lacks the one important thing "Height" required for the game he is determined to be a player thanks to his amazing jumping power and super human reflexes.

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‘Haikyuu!!’ is one of the most popular sports animes of all time, and most likely the greatest volleyball anime ever produced. Shouyou Hinata is the anime’s protagonist. He resurrects his middle school’s volleyball squad after seeing a renowned volleyball player known as ‘Little Giant’ in action.

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Haikyuu is a Japanese anime on Volleyball. The story follows the protagonist, a middle schooler named Hinata, who’s inspired to be a volleyball player after watching “Little Giant” on TV.

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Ace of Diamond, like Haikyuu!!, has a colorful cast that each get focused on at one point or another, showing that every team member is incredibly vital in their role. The characters are also incredibly charming and funny, and like in Haikyuu!!

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After more than 8 years, fans of Haikyuu!! finally bid farewell to their beloved volleyball team from Karasuno High School as the manga officially concluded its run with the final chapter on 20th July. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the second half of the latest season of the anime, which will premiere in October.

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Anime like Haikyuu!! follows the whole dark horse player theme with its character or even the entire volleyball team. Many anime fans love the whole weak-looking character becoming the strong storyline. But as I mentioned above, there is no magic in this series’s character development. It’s pure hard work that makes characters in Haikyuu!! grow, unlike other shows. If you are looking for sports anime with underdog characters, then look no further.

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Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu has a similarity in two characters sharing a dream and competing to be the very best. They are both part of a team as well and goes up against powerful adversaries to prove their worth. There is decent humor coming from the character interactions and stylish plays each episode plays out.

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I saw haikyuu on netflix, now idk if its only about volleyball and nothing more nothing less? I mean volleyball anime sounds fun but are there like classes , lessons etc etc u know things related to highschool or not? Even if theyre shown a little? Or just volleyball and the mcs development as a sportsman alone?