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In some games, any return from a serve which does not make it back to the wall is called an ace. Backhand. A technique of hitting the ball with the palm of the strong hand so that the hand is turned inwards and across the body. The arm is swung away from the body.

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Referee’s throw − This throw is done by referees to resume the game after an interruption of play caused by any other reason than mentioned above, during a handball match. Dive shot − It is a way of putting the shot, in order to score a goal, by jumping above the floor towards the goal. It is done without touching the d-line.

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Handball Terms and Techniques Ace: When serving, if you are able to get the ball within playing boundaries, and the opponent is not able to even touch... Backhand: This is similar to a backhand in tennis. For example, if you are right-handed and the ball is on your left... Ball On/In: This is when a ...

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Cutter. The top handball players 'cut' the ball by hitting it in such a way that it rolls of their hand when swing. This 'chopping' motion usually results in the ball hitting the wall and spinning off in a random direction. Making the 'cutter' is a useful handball technique for throwing an opponent off guard.

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Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team. A standard match consists of two periods of 30 minutes, and the team that scores more goals wins. Modern handball is played on a court of 40 by 20 metres, with a goal in the middle of each end. The goals are surrounded by a 6-meter zone where only the defending goalkeeper is allowed; goals must be scored by throwing the ball from outside the

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HANDBALL. • Handball is one of the fastest game sports. • Coordination, athleticism, creative techniques, variable and tactical interaction, combined with a good team spirit are the characteristics of this attractive sport. HANDBALL. • The objective is to throw a ball into the opposing team’s goal to score.

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There is no ‘shot clock’ in Handball. Referees can warn a team if they don’t try to score within a reasonable time. They then have 6 passes to shoot. The goalkeeper may act as a court player, but is the only player allowed inside the 6-metre goal area. The goalkeeper may use his feet to defend the goal inside this area, the only

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Handball is a fast-flowing game. The aim is to is to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal as many times as possible within two 30-minute periods of play. It requires quick thinking and lightning reflexes as players are only allowed three steps with the ball, with a three second time limit. The players work together, passing and dribbling the ball up the court in an attempt to score a goal.