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Cricket Bat Willow trees are normally purchased standing, with all felling, extraction and clearing down to J S Wright & Sons Limited. Cricket Bat Willows are not purchased or calculated in cubic feet or metres and we cannot give a guide to value as it depends on many different factors but we are happy to view trees and quote a price.

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We supply 15 foot unrooted standards trees “English willow sets” for landowners to grow to maturity under contract and a cricket bat making kit for students. English Cricket Bat Willow Sets From mid November to Early March English Cricket Bat Willow Sets are available with plastic or metal guards.

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Standing or felled English Cricket Bat Willow trees purchased, everything arranged from felling to re-planting. Tree Information We have a continuing re-generation programme which is the best in the industry, each year approximately 3 times as many trees are planted than are cut down

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Cricket Bat Willow . This is a magnificent specimen tree that is pyramidal and can grow to 100ft. The leaves are glossy green above; silvery, becoming blue on the underside--very showy when the wind blows. After a few years the brilliant yellow male catkins burst open in early May and are an abundant treat for bees!

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The timber we use is Salix Alba Caerulea (Cricket Bat Willow), grown in England. The willow is renewably harvested across the whole of England and sold through the wood yards of Essex and Suffolk. Only the highest grades of willow are hand selected by willow merchant Jeremy Ruggles, Director of J.S.Wright & Sons (www.cricketbatwillow.com). The density of the wood and consistency of the grain through the playing area of the bat is of vital importance to the end balance and performance.

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Buy Cricket Bat Willow Trees online in standard sizes by mail order at Ashridge Nurseries. Salix alba Caerulea. Guaranteed. Free delivery >£120. Best advice & support. Native, thrives near water and the coast.

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English Willow currently purchase mature Cricket Bat Willow trees, Salix Alba Caerulea, all over the UK. For each tree harvested we plant a free replacement which is cared for and cultivated by hand in an organic and sustainable environment, please click here to find out more about the benefits, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Cricket Bat Willow. We grow cricket bat willow trees that are felled and re-planted on a fifteen to twenty year cycle to supply wood to make cricket bats. The tree used in the manufacture of cricket bats is the Salix Alba Caerulea (Cricket Bat Willow).·. This type of willow is very fast growing with a single straight stem.

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Cricket Bat Willow is a variety all of its own – Salix alba ‘Caerulea’. This fast-growing and straight-stemmed variety of willow produces wood that is tough but lightweight and does not shatter easily - ideal for cricket bats. It’s a skilled business choosing the best wood, and there is a market for good quality cricket bat willow timber.