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The number of referees officiating a game depends on the level of play. In NBA, a crew chief and two referees are assigned to conduct a game and there official uniform is gray shirt and black pant. In international basketball or NCAA game, it can be either one referee and one umpire or one referee and two umpires officiate a game.

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Sports >> Basketball >> Basketball Rules There are a lot of different signals that basketball referees, also called officials, use in the game. It can get confusing. This is a list of the different basketball referee hand signals and what they mean. The specific rules below are described in more detail on other pages (see links at bottom of page).

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Referee Uniform: In order to promote a professional appearance by all referees statewide, all new referees should purchase a complete referee uniform set, which includes a gold jersey, shorts, and socks. If you wish to consider purchasing a second alternate shirt color, the RISRC suggests Black as the optimal choice.

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NBA Summer League officials wear the same light grey shirt but with a black collar. The WNBA referee shirt is almost identical to the NBA referee shirt except that its collar is orange and the WNBA logo takes the place of the NBA logo. FIBA officials wear a grey (torso) and black (sleeves) shirt, black trousers, black socks, and black shoes.

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In college basketball, the referee is the senior official and the regular officials are called umpires, but a referee may not overrule an umpire's call. Referees wear a uniform consisting of a black-and-white striped shirt and black pants. Their job is to enforce all rules and maintain order on the basketball court.

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Young referees were also advised to cover any tattoos on their arms with long sleeves. Of course, professional leagues can be more choosy when selecting who officiates their games. At the lower levels, where officiating shortages are becoming a larger issue, many in leadership find that they cannot be as strict regarding appearance as they used to.

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Basketball officials 1. Basketball 2. Officials and their Duties Officials, table officials and commissioner The officials shall be a referee and one (1) or two (2) umpire(s). They shall be assisted by the table officials and by a commissioner, if present. The table officials shall be a scorer, an assistant scorer, a timer and a twenty-four (24) second clock operator.

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